Surroundings and Activities

Wine cellar

Wine Route

The wine route includes all the important cellars; the majority of them offer wine and local olive oil in their shops.

There are wine cellars in the area which have been awarded important awards, some of them very close to the house, You can book tastings and even visit the vineyards during the relevant times of the year. If you do not wish to drive, we can take you there, if you ask for the service in advance. You will find detailed information in the house and the contact details of the main cellars in Yecla. A little further away, at 37 km from the house, you can visit Jumilla, which has excellent cellars as well.
Fried cheese with tomato. Recipe from Yecla


In Pinoso and Xinorlet you can taste delicious rice dishes with rabbit and snails, as well as other excellent local specialties. We recommend checking the prices in advance, in order to avoid surprises. There are a few restaurants in Yecla, where you can eat well, mainly tapas or other typical dishes at reasonable prices. We include the contact details of a few of them.
PHOTO: Ward Kadel
Thermal waters. Spa

Thermal Waters

If you want to relax or try special therapies, we recommend the Thermal Waters of Fortuna, a group of spas and restored hotels in surroundings which recall the deserts of Tunisia.
Bicycle ride

Walks, Routes and Trips

The plains that surround the house give way to paths and roads which are perfect for cycling. However, if you’re an adventurous cyclist you also go to the nearby mountains.

If you want to discover the landscape, there are many picturesque trips to choose from. In the Salinas mountain range, in the middle of woods and pines, you can visit the Cave of El Lagrimal and the great scenic viewpoint nearby. You can also go on a number of trips by foot, car or bike, within a range of 18 Km. If you want to try higher mountains, you can go to the El Carche mountain range. The Franciscan Monastery of Santa Ana (2 km away from Jumilla) is very attractive, with its centenary pines and the orchards of the friars.

A bit farther away (approximately 80 km), you can visit the coast of Alicante and the city of Murcia, with its tapas and museums. The natural pools of Ontinyent and Bulla, and the beautiful plane of El Ricote, where the Moors found refuge, are close by.
Iberian settling in Castellar de Meca

History and Archeology

If you are interested in archeology we recommend three museums that contain pieces of extraordinary value: The Archeological Museum of Yecla. (6 km away), has Iberian sculptures, the Archeological Museum of Villena (21 km) has a famous treasure and the Archeological Museum of Jumilla (36 km) has pieces such as the Estela de los Jinetes.

Regarding archeology, we also propose two interesting trips, one of them to the Iberian settlement of Castellar de Meca, on the way to Almansa. This site can only be visited on Sunday mornings. The other is the Arabí mountain, declared a place of cultural interest. This is a magical spot, with its petroglyphs and cave paintings. It is close to the Los Santos Mountain where excavations have brought to light many of the valuable pieces in the National Archeological Museum.

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